segunda-feira, 13 de setembro de 2010

Aconteceu...nuvens ao pôr-do-sol

..........................................Foto - Magda

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  1. Uma bela foto! E um pedaço de ciência:

    Atomoxetine may be considered for patients who are unresponsive or incompletely responsive to stimulant treatment, have co-morbid conditions (e.g. tics, anxiety, depression), and have sleep disturbances or eating problems, for patients in whom stimulants are poorly tolerated, and for situations where there is potential for drug abuse or diversion. (...) Atomoxetine may be initiated by a schedule of dose increases and cross-tapering with methylphenidate. A slow titration schedule with divided doses minimizes the impact of adverse events within the first several weeks of treatment. Atomoxetine may be co-administered with methylphenidate during the switching period without undue concern for adverse events, such as cardiovascular effects (although monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate is necessary). Atomoxetine may be discontinued abruptly and patients may miss the occasional dose without rebound effects or discontinuation syndrome. A trial period of at least 6-8 weeks, perhaps longer, is recommended before evaluation of the overall tolerability and efficacy of atomoxetine.

    O artigo todo está em :

    Paediatr Drugs. 2008;10(1):39-47.
    Switching from neurostimulant therapy to atomoxetine in children and adolescents with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder : clinical approaches and review of current available evidence.
    Prasad S, Steer C.

    Já fiz o pedido para a biblioteca.
    Boa noite.

  2. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  3. God & godness, mas eu ainda a li!
    A photo é linda.
    Daqui a + uns dias vamos fazer um concurso!? as 2?!
    Nos dias em que me foi possível tb captei diáriamente os fins do dia. Manobra que deveria ser obrigatória para a nossa saúde mental. Com ou sem camêra. E agora já para o fim ela caiu ao mar. Afogou-se o Pôr do Sol e ela. Bonita união mitológica.


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